The KW Sauna Experience

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During this episode of Kivia: The Spirit of Sauna, Alan and Elissa get to do more than just talk about sauna…

For this, our special season two finale, Alan takes Elissa to one of his favourite local sauna houses: KW Sauna in Kitchener for an afternoon of sweat bathing bliss.

KW Sauna describes itself as a place for visitors to “relax, rejuvenate and re-energize,” and they deliver! Although unassuming from the outside, just wait until you walk through the doors! You’ll find a beautiful, warm, and welcoming facility. Stepping out of the changing rooms is like stepping into a small village nestled in a faraway forest. Wooden doors, features and accent pieces bring a sense of the outdoors into the sauna house, delivering indescribable warmth and calm. In the communal area, just out of the splash range and near the cold barrel are numerous Adirondack chairs ready for bathers to rest & rehydrate post sauna.  Sweat bathers can alternate between the large steam room, dry sauna, Russian Banya and an infrared heat cabinet. The Banya and dry sauna are built with premium, knot-free cedar for even heat distribution. There are eucalyptus stems and stalks in the steam room, gently releasing their relaxing scent into the air. This sauna house is both decadent and down-to-earth at the same time.  It’s no wonder why Alan loves this public sauna (and you will too)!

Join us as Alan and Elissa spend time exploring KW Sauna and find out if Elissa can take the literal plunge into the cold barrel. Our hope is that you learn more about what to expect when visiting public saunas like this one.

A big thank you to Victoria at KW Sauna for making special arrangements to host Alan and Elissa prior to regularly scheduled opening hours. To learn more about KW Sauna in Kitchener, please visit, and follow them on Instagram @KW_Sauna.  Feel free to reach out at

Special Kivia Alert! We are taking a short break between seasons while Alan travels to Finland to attend the World Sauna Forum organized by Sauna from Finland.  You can bet he is going to be sauna-hopping and checking places off his sauna bucket list while there.  When he returns, he’ll be sharing all the experiences with us! Until then, please go back and listen to the episodes again, and take a moment to rate, review and share episodes with other heat-lovers, sweat-bathers, and those who may be curious to see what this sauna thing is all about.

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