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Have you ever had an authentic sauna experience? If you answered yes, because you spent time sweating in a heated wooden room, you may be surprised to learn that you haven’t.

A genuine sauna experience is so much more than that. Sauna culture is steeped in history, tradition, and ritual. A deeper connection with sauna makes for a richer, holistic experience. Whether you are a sauna enthusiast, novice, or just curious, Kivia.ca is the destination for all your sauna-related needs. The website and companion podcast series are here to inspire, unite and promote sauna culture.


It is widely accepted in Finnish culture, there is no greater compliment than to be invited into someone else’s sauna, and it is our great pleasure to invite you to join the spirit of sauna. 






Alan Jalasjaa

Sauna Expert & Kivia Co-Host

You could say that Alan’s first love was sauna. Following Finnish tradition, he was introduced to sauna at a very young age. He liked it so much, it earned him the nickname saunapoika, or in English, sauna-boy.


Born to a Canadian mother, and Finnish father, Alan grew up in Southern Ontario. Sharing his Finnish culture with his Canadian friends was always a point of pride. After introducing his friends to the family cottage sauna, it became the place to hang out.


Over the years, he’s learned that there is no right or wrong way to enjoy a sauna. For some, it is a place of solitude, for others, a place to gather and socialize. Whether alone, or with a group, it is where the worries of the day evaporate. 

Alan would like nothing more than to share his passion for sauna with you through this website, Kivia.ca, and his podcast, Kivia: The Spirit of Sauna.

Elissa Lansdell

Kivia Co-Host

While relatively new to sauna, Elissa Lansdell is used to the heated pace of showbiz. As a former broadcaster, Elissa has worked for Chum Ottawa, Country Music Television, E! Network, City TV, and more. As an Entertainment reporter, she is no stranger to the red carpet, and has interviewed everyone from Hollywood’s A-listers, to pop stars and even politicians! On camera, she held scene-stealing roles in hit shows including La Femme Nikita, Flashpoint, and The Border.

Now, Elissa splits her time entertaining various passions. As the founder of Rockstar Communications, she has helped her clients find and unleash their inner ‘rock stars’ for more than a decade, as a Corporate Communications Consultant and Coach. Elissa's unique experience and expertise have helped countless executives, leaders and CEOs command their audience, whether they are speaking in the boardroom, a guest on a podcast, speaking to the media, or hosting a town hall.

Elissa can also be heard as a co-host on Feel Free Podcast, aimed at providing a safe space to heal and share for those going through divorce.

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Finnish word for small room or structure in which people relax while enjoying dry heat. The word has been adopted into the English language and is often mispronounced. The correct pronunciation is SOW-NA rather than SAW-NA. All saunas containa heat source either covered by or surrounded by stones, or kiviä.


Finnish word for the stones that hold the heat in the sauna. These heated stones create steam or löyly when splashed with water.


Finnish word for steam created when water is splashed on the heated stones, or kiviä. Löyly is also believed to be the soul of sauna.


Finnish word for a bundle or whisk of twigs used to gently slap the skin during sauna. They are often made out of new birch tree growth.


The Finnish sauna sausage, cooked using the heat from the sauna.

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