The Art of Aufguss with Jade Coulombe

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It’s taken the European sauna world by storm, and it’s starting to make waves in North America, too. 

Aufguss is the art of using rhythmic towel movements to circulate heat, air and essential oils in the sauna, creating a thermal experience like no other.

While aufguss can be calm and meditative, it can have a huge performance aspect as well — with music, lights, costumes, singing, choreography and even smoke machines used for theatrical effect. 

To find out more, we’re speaking with Jade Coulombe, a Canadian “aufgussier” and past winner of the “Battle of the Gladiators” at the World Aufguss Cup Freestyle Championships.

In this episode, Jade shares how she first got involved with aufguss, her experiences in saunas and competitions across Europe, and her future plans to make aufguss more accessible in Canada and beyond.


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