Secret Sauna w. Special Guests Dave and Tim

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Dave Inglis and Tim Muza began Secret Sauna as a way to bring the authentic sauna experience to people in southwestern Ontario.

Secret Sauna was available for rent and delivery and was a great way for many to have their first sauna experience in the safety and privacy of their own backyard.

At times, the beautiful barrel sauna would be ordered by couples who wanted a relaxing retreat delivered to them for an evening. Other times it would be ordered by housemates or bubbles of close friends celebrating a special occasion. In a time when the pandemic closed public saunas, this safe alternative was especially popular.  It couldn’t replace the community aspect of a public sauna, but it did bring the heat.

Of course, something this special doesn’t remain secret for long.

Join us for this episode of Kivia: The Spirit of Sauna as your hosts, Alan Jalasjaa and Elissa Lansdell talk Secret Sauna with Dave Inglis and Tim Muza. Hear about how a secret sauna could have such a profound impact on those who experienced it and find out what Dave and Tim have in store for the sauna-loving community.

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You can also listen on our website or on your favourite podcast service.

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