Sauna & Nudity: The Naked Truth with Dr. Ruth Barcan

Can you imagine being naked in a sauna with strangers? Or maybe you can’t imagine it any other way?

Nudity in the sauna is a polarizing topic. For some, the idea of going “au naturel” is unthinkable, while for others, “textile-free” is the only way to go.

Why the divide? To get to the, ahem, bottom of the issue, we’re speaking with Dr. Ruth Barcan, a professor in the Gender and Cultural Studies department at the University of Sydney, and the author of Nudity: A Cultural Anatomy.

In this episode, Dr. Barcan shares:

  • Where some of our hang-ups with nudity come from
  • Why so many people today equate nudity with sexuality
  • Her advice for people who want to try going nude in the sauna for the first time
  • Why, when it comes to nudity in the sauna, one approach doesn’t fit all


Mentioned in this episode:

Book: Nudity: A Cultural Anatomy (Bloomsbury)
Article: “The Naked Truth on Nudity” (The Conversation)


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