Sauna from Finland Founder & Author of Saunafulness, Carita Harju

We are honoured to have the Sauna Superwoman joining us on this episode of Kivia: The Spirit of Sauna.

Your hosts Alan Jalasjaa and Elissa Lansdell take a virtual sauna with Carita Harju, the founder and Executive Director of Sauna from Finland. She is also the author of three books on the subject,  The Soul of SaunaSauna: The Way of Finnish Life, and most recently Saunafulness.

Join us as Carita shares some of her many efforts to promote the authentic Finish sauna experience around the globe. Learn more about the Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Handbook, and how saunas can become certified. Spoiler alert, an authentic sauna experience starts well before you step inside! As you’ll hear, the best sauna experiences uphold the core values outlined in the guide to create a complete and perfect sauna… or what Carita has coined, “saunafulness.”

Sauna from Finland is also behind the World Sauna Forum, an annual international networking event for companies and innovators to come together and talk sauna-shop.  Click here for more on why the World Sauna Forum calls itself “the most relaxing business event in the world,” and to book your tickets.  If you’re wondering, yes, Alan will be there.

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