Sauna Culture World Tour!

Using heat to promote health, hygiene and relaxation is not just a Finnish thing! (Sorry Alan!)

Many countries and cultures around the globe have a long history of sauna, steam rooms, baths, and sweat lodges. Whatever they are called, most are fundamentally the same, they provide a source of heat and a place for physical and/or spiritual bathing. However, it is important to recognize these saunas are steeped in the cultures which define them.

In this episode, of Kivia: The Spirit of Sauna, Alan and Elissa take us on a virtual sauna tour of the world. We’ll learn more about the various types of saunas and their countries of origin, their history, significance, and more!

Have you experienced an authentic Russian Banya, Turkish Hammam, Japanese Sentō, or maybe a South Korean Jjimjilbang? Reach out and tell us about it!

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