Russian Banya and more w. Steamul Sauna’s Roman Moiseenko

If you thought Alan was a sauna enthusiast, wait until you meet our next guest…

Roman Moiseenko is a member of the Sauna and Steam Bath Association of Canada and the owner/operator of Steamul Sauna in Mississauga.  From Russia originally, Roman knows first hand the importance of Russian Bathhouses and their role in bringing people together. For Roman and for so many others, the Russian Bathhouse is a place for relaxation while enjoying time with friends and family.

That is why in 2010 Roman opened Steamul Sauna in Mississauga.

During this episode of Kivia: The Spirit of Sauna, Roman joins your hosts Alan and Elissa to share everything you need to know about Steamul Sauna in Mississauga. Whether you are new to saunas and banyas, a seasoned saunaer, or looking for a new experience to share with the family, this bathhouse should be top of the list!

Steamul has something for everyone. Apart from the two Russian Banyas heated by wood-burning stoves, there are two Finnish Saunas, a steam room, hot tub, cold water plunge pool, and a Himalayan Salt  Palace offering halotherapy also known as salt therapy.  Within the Salt Palace’s beautiful pink walls, you can treat yourself to the most decadent experiences like a body exfoliating salt scrub,  a massage, or enjoy a salt yoga class. If you rather, you can simply sit back in a zero-gravity chair and relax. Check the website for details!

Visitors who work up an appetite can enjoy traditional Eastern European meals and beverages at Steamul’s restaurant! Indulge in favourites like Perogies, fish soups, Borsh, sauerkraut, Russian meat salad, Cheburek, Sloyanka with meat, Cabbage Rolls, Herring Salad, ice-cold Russian beers, and various refreshing non-alcoholic beverages.

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