Letting Go with Hamam Magazine’s Ekin & Steve

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During this episode of Kivia: The Spirit of Sauna, your hosts Alan Jalasjaa and Elissa Lansdell are thrilled to take a virtual sauna with co-founders of Hamam: The Magazine of Letting GoEditor-in-Chief Ekin Balcıoğlu and Steve Weiner.

Hamam: The Magazine of Letting Go, is dedicated to the “bathing obsessed,” and is all about giving into the essence of what sweat bathing represents. Within its pages are stunning images, breathtaking artwork and beautifully written pieces including prose and poetry all of which offer a window into aligned practices, concepts and experiences sure to intrigue public bathing enthusiasts. At its core is the idea of ‘letting go;’ letting one’s body relax, while the mind drifts away…

Each edition is its own work of art. Each one is a stand-alone publication, or you are welcome to collect them all sequentially.  The magazine exists only in physical, tangible form. It is meant to be held by the reader during their soak, sauna or steam. It is substantial in content, as it is meant to be enough.

A regular contributor is a photographer, artist, writer and the world’s leading authority on sweat bathing cultures, Mikkel Aaland. If you missed Episode 22 of Kivia with Mikkel as our guest, please click here.

In this episode of the podcast, we’ll learn more about the driving inspiration behind Hamam, and how a Russian banya in San Francisco brought Ekin & Steve together.

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