All About Outdoor Saunas w. Expert Alan Jalasjaa

Is your garden shed begging to be turned into a backyard sauna?

Maybe you’re interested in an adorable pre-fab barrel sauna? Or building one with your own two hands…

In any case, if you are considering the addition of a sauna to your outside space, do not miss this episode of Kivia: The Spirit of Sauna.

This is the first part, of a special two-part episode. This first episode is dedicated to everything you need to know or consider when buying, installing, or building your very own residential OUTDOOR sauna.  On the next episode, we’ll be looking inward and focusing on everything you need to know or consider when buying, installing or building your very own residential INDOOR sauna!

Your host Alan Jalasjaa is excited to walk you through the process with the help of your co-host Elissa Lansdell.  Together they will cover everything you need to know before you begin.  For example, what are the heating options for outdoor saunas? How involved is it to convert an existing structure, like part of your garage or a shed into your own personal backyard oasis?  How much work is involved in putting together a kit-sauna? What will a sauna heater set me back?   What the heck are heat-resistant lights, and where do I find them?

The addition of an outdoor sauna shouldn’t be stressful.  So, as the saying goes, measure twice and cut once. Alan wants you to have the best experience possible when it comes to all-things sauna, so let him help you start this venture on the right foot.  Nothing would make him happier than having a hand in you adding a piece of paradise to your own backyard.

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