Alan & Elissa Share a Sauna

Is Elissa all talk or, can she take the heat!?

Alan Jalasjaa and Elissa Lansdell are taking their hosting duties offline, and into the sauna for this very special episode of Kivia: The Spirit of Sauna.  And not just any old sauna either! Elissa will be travelling to Alan’s home, where she’ll be treated to the full Alan sauna experience – with one exception: there will be swimsuits worn!

What’s the plan?  With the sauna ready and waiting, all Elissa needs to do is follow Alan’s lead and share the experience with us.

Despite the sauna bath itself getting all the credit, the truth is, the mere thought of stepping into the sauna conjures feelings of relaxation. Before even setting eyes on the structure, we are greeted by the comforting scent of cedar in the air.  The cedar sauna looks like a tiny cabin and stands against a backdrop of tall trees. It is a warm golden colour, and with its little chimney, it looks like it belongs in a fairytale.  Just 30 short paces away is a crystal clear swimming pool brimming with frigid water for the cold plunges.

Alan has the vihta soaking in a bucket of water infused with a special scent. Another bucket will be brought into the sauna, which is filled with fresh water to be tossed on the rocks to create the loyly.  To keep them hydrated, there is a jug of refreshing freshly brewed iced tea within arms reach of the sauna.  All that is left to do, is to set the Makkaraputki on the rocks.

The entire scene offers a sense of relaxation. Elissa points that out immediately upon her arrival. This is where the episode begins. Listen in, and enjoy the ritual of Alan’s home sauna.

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