Alan Answers All Your Burning Sauna Questions

To fear the unknown is normal, but if it is preventing you from enjoying the sauna, then Alan has a big problem with that.

This episode of Kivia: The Spirit of Sauna is dedicated to squashing those fears by answering all of your frequently asked questions! Join your hosts, Alan Jalaasja and Elissa Lansdell as they take on all of your burning sauna queries.  Alan is more than happy to provide the knowledge you need to step into the sauna with confidence. His goal is to ensure nothing stands in your way of embracing the sauna.

This episode is about what to expect, what to consider, what to bring, do, know, wear and what not to wear,  in both public and private saunas.  For example,  is it a good idea to remove jewellery including wedding rings prior to a sauna session? Should you keep your flip-flops on in a public sauna? Can I toss water on the rocks in all types of sauna?  What if my bathing suit is adorned with metal accent pieces? Where can I get one of those cute sauna hats or accessories? (Spoiler Alert: VERY SOON at

After this, you’ll feel confident that you can take a sauna worry-free.

For those of you who are interested in building or installing a home-sauna, and have questions about the logistics and considerations, not to worry! Alan is devoting two full episodes to guide you. One episode will address everything you need to know to build or install an outdoor sauna, and the next will focus on everything you need to know to build or install an indoor sauna.

Of course, and as always, if you have any sauna-related questions, reach out to Alan directly at  For sauna accessory needs, keep an eye on

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