Finnmark Sauna in the UK’s Jake & Max Newport

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Joining our hosts, Alan Jalasjaa and Elissa Lansdell, from Finnmark Sauna, the UK’s sole official distributor of the world’s leading Finnish sauna brands, are two instrumental brothers in the promotion of authentic sauna experience, Jake and Max Newport!

To say these guys are sauna enthusiasts is an understatement.

Together, Jake and Max have worked tirelessly to share the good news about sauna, through education and quality products.  They promote education and want everyone to get the highest quality product to get the most out of a sauna lifestyle.  Jake and Max are also known as the Sauna Twins, and have a podcast by the same name, growing out of their desire to share and spread information about authentic sauna.

Sauna from Finland recently named Jake Newport as the official  Sauna Ambassador in recognition of his effort of promoting sauna culture and is the second non-Finn ever to receive this award.  He has also spoken at the World Sauna Forum.

During this episode, Jake and Max provide insight into sauna culture in the United Kingdom and what they are doing to share the “good news” as they like to put it.  Jake also shares a hilariously cringe-worthy experience involving a public sauna, a handful of honey, and a lot of shouting…

Kick back, relax and enjoy a virtual sauna with Alan, Elissa, Jake, and Max!

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